Service & process



  • IZM DESIGN GROUP has operated a customer-oriented work system by implementing a project management system, as a part of customer-centric management strategies. We offer one-step service for general business environment, including office movement and internal telecommunication system based on customer requests.
    We achieve customer satisfaction through specified professional departments.

  • Strategic Business Division
    Professionalism based on innovative thinking

    Strategic Business Division discovers customers requirements and objectives, analyzes regulations, and establish specific plans and strategies, which are collectively called a total solution service.
    They establish specific strategies to handle both external and internal environments and offer a consulting service for all project phases from project launching to the completion. Also, they create a future-oriented value and achieve a sustainable growth by discovering changes in the business opportunity.

  • CREATIVE Planning Division
    Human and nature, space and communications

    Our creative focuses on “people”.
    Our team is capable of meeting the client’s needs and call forth their sympathy based on our trendy manner and insights. CREATIVE Planning division is oriented towards a creative that is thoughtful of people.
    We realize people-centric aesthetics by applying such concept into landscaping design that creates special value where people can come into interaction with the nature and space.

  • Technology Construction Division
    Efficient construction and quality management

    Engineering & Construction Division takes responsibility for process management and construction affairs. They are also in charge of budget allocation and enforcement, optimizing project implementation.
    This division applies a turn-key system for general interior-relevant affairs and technological suggestions. For on-site safety review and quality assurance, project cost datas are collected and analyzed, while the environment and status for the construction are identified to draw out the conclusion for the project scope. Through out these management programs Engineering & Construction division provides satisfactory results for the projects.

  • Landscape Business Division
    Creating and maintaining a nature-friendly environment

    Landscape Business Division covers design services that pursues eco-friendly, green interior design harmony with the nature.
    They generate nature-friendly spaces by fitting diverse plants to the spaces and tastes with increased environmental amenity and aesthetic values. The maintenance team also offers service to keep the environment intact.
    IZM offers a unique landscaping and maintenance service under its motto, “Work Park” which means a specialized workplace with a great landscape and surrounding environment”