The passionate professional



[ Power of People Having the Same Dream ]

Power of People Having the Same Dream

Happiness of Communication and Sharing

We enjoy what is new, share performances and grow together through an open mind.

Endless Challenge & Strong Organizational Power

We together do not fear failures, persistently trying to challenge to achieve our goals.


[ Our Space Everyone Wants to Work at ]

Our Space Everyone Wants to Work at

IZM Design has a workplace where the creativeness is generated and a value is shared among
the members based on communication.


  • 1. Family-Oriented

    Long-Term Service Benefits
    We offer 12 days of paid leave annually, which increases at an additional service year (all leaves unused are paid off at the end of year)

    Care for Family Events
    We take good care of employees’ family occasions to share grieves and joys. (wedding bonus, first birthday bonus, 60th/70th birthday bonus)

    Health Check
    We offer a complementary health check for every employee’s physical and mental health.

    Team Gathering Support
    We promote teamwork and amity through supporting monthly team gathering.
  • 2. REFRESH

    Overseas Workshop
    When the annual goal is achieved, we go abroad for a company-wide workshop and refresh.

    Domestic Workshop
    We go closer to each other and share enthusiasm and goals for new challenges through quarterly domestic workshops
  • 3. Self Development

    Mentoring Program
    We support mentoring programs to allow employees to get hands-on knowledge and skills.

    Self Development
    We offer financial aids to support individual employees’ quality life.

    Cultural Activities
    We learn and experience cultures together outside of the company
  • 4. IZM Culture

    Birthday Present for Family
    In a belief that all family members of IZM employees are one of IZM family, we offer birthday presents for them.

    Company-Wide Flee Market
    We share stuffs through company-wide flee market events, helping generating a family-like company culture.

    In-House Restaurant
    IZM employees can enjoy home cooking 365 days a year in our In-House Restaurant.