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As one pillar of management strategy for seeking customer satisfaction, we deployed an internal PM system through which we were able to realize the customer-centered operation of our business.

We collect customer requirements and provide ONE-STEP SERVICE for office environments, including relocation of the office and communication. By providing quick feedback through a department with the right expertise, we have been able to contribute to high customer satisfaction levels.

  • Strategic Business Planning

    For strategic planning and delivery of the solution, the IZM DESIGN GROUP studies the objectives of the customer and the relevant regulations. From commencement to completion of a project, the IZM DESIGN GROUP provides total support through consulting and exploration of alternative options in external and internal environments..

  • Creative Design

    The planning division at the IZM DESIGN GROUP pursues people-centered creative design. The division resolves the needs of customers with designs that are trendy, insightful, and convincing to the customers. It creates value by designing the connections between people, nature, and spaces.

    Project Planning

    The IZM DESIGN GROUP considers customer satisfaction to be the highest priority, fastidiously strives to accommodate customer requirements, and provides one-stop service. Customer satisfaction levels are high because the company provides accurate and immediate feedback facilitated by an internal PM system and departments with the right expertise.

    AS Management

    The IZM DESIGN GROUP provides quality assurance and continuous oversight services while regarding customer trust and customer satisfaction as the most important values in business operations.

  • Construction Technology

    This department is responsible for optimizing the implementation of a project. It has been able to improve customer satisfaction levels through the adoption of a turnkey system, safety management, and quality control. It carries out process management and analysis with the aim of securing safety and operational efficiency.

    Construction Business Planning

    The IZM DESIGN GROUP provides services like architectural design, building construction, construction management, and construction consulting.
    The construction business deals with all types of projects both large and small and involves the participation of architectural company, construction technicians, construction team, project managers, etc.